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Platform for
Waveland's Future

Community Development:

  1. Increase public safety with a fully staffed Police and Fire Departments

    • Police Department has been losing policeman to other Coast agencies

    • Fire Department has been operating below requirements of Mississippi Rating Bureau

  2. Require ongoing preventative maintenance for our city's roads and drainage system

  3. Create a Strategic Plan for Economic Growth to recruit new residents and businesses

  4. Improve the Hwy 90 & Hwy 603 corridors to attract more businesses

  5. Promote, rebuild, and revitalize Coleman Ave

  6. Repair and maintain the Garfield Ladner Pier

  7. Create more recreational opportunities for our city's youth


Financial Responsibility:

  1. Reduce the cost of flood insurance by reducing the CRS Rating giving homeowners a
    greater discount  

  2. Apply for Federal, Regional, and State funding to supplement the city's budget

    • Work with Gulf Regional Planning Commission and local agencies to increass funding

    • Increase communications and working relationship with State Government in Jackson for Waveland projects. 

    • Maximize use of GOMESA and Tidelands funds

  3. Maintain a balanced budget while keeping control of rising utility bills

  4. Continue being fiscally responsible with Taxpayer's money

  5. Increase transparency from city government

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