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Why Run for Mayor

Becoming the Mayor of our great city is not about a paycheck or retirement for me, but about bringing focused leadership to continue moving our city forward. This is a very important election for our city. As we all know, next year is the 18th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Over the past few years, our city has rebounded to some degree from the ill-effects of the storm. The next mayor needs to be someone that can bring Waveland back to pre-Katrina status, and then some. 


The City of Waveland is a business and needs to be run as one.  As a 35-year businessman and a proud Waveland citizen, I believe that I am the candidate with a unique perspective on how to not only lead Waveland during the next four years, but to develop a plan and a culture of leadership that will be in place for generations to come. I know that by working together we can make our great city even better!

Why a Businessman Makes a Good Elected Official

  • Can bring fresh energy into public service.

  • Can have an urgency to produce measurable results.

  • Demands transparency and accountability.

  • Brings private sector networks that politicians are unlikely to have.

  • Can close the gap between government and the private sector. They speak the same language.

  • One of the most valuable skills the best business people have is that they know how to harness human capability. They have an eye for talent and can create conditions that are conducive for creativity and productivity.

  • Business people know that there are more creative and effective ways to drive up a city’s revenue other than overtaxing the citizens.

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